An LDM receiver is not different from any RF receiver of an OFDM system for most of its blocks. At the antenna output, the LDM ensemble is a signal that requires standard OFDM frequency and time synchronization. The channel estimation and equalization processes are also accomplished following standard procedures.


After the common modules, the receiver decodes each layer sequentially. The signal is conveniently buffered and the upper layer is first decoded, re-mapped and cancelled from the incoming ensemble. The remainder is the lower layer ready to be decoded.

The receiver complexity, memory requirements and system latency increase in LDM have been estimated to be in the range of 10 to 15%. The first generation hardware receivers already available confirm the theoretical estimations. The low complexity increase is associated to the behavior of the FEC codes (LDPC). LDPCs used by LDM will only require a few iterations (<10) to provide an error free upper signal.

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